Frank business dogs mean business

We business dogs founded business with branding and bellyrubs. A canine company where you are greeted the proper way: with a lick. We lick you before the meeting. We lick you after the meeting. We believe in chasing the ball, sniffing the rear, and taking the journey from tongue to tail. We leave no stone unturned and no spot unsniffed. We are business dogs, and we do good business. Oh, and productive business naps...for business.


Meet three pooch partners who are all business. No egos, no need to mark their territory. Just working together for sticks, squeaky toys, rawhides and tasty bones. Deal with it.

Executive Producer +

Check the resume. Spots sniffed? 52. Mailmen chased? 12. Bones buried? Wouldn’t you like to know. This business dog believes in working smarter, and SQUIRREL!

Treasurer +
Head of Operations

No bones about it, this business dog is a taskmaster who’s at the ready with a business card or a quick capabilities chat. On the clock, it’s all business. Off the clock, still all business. Shepherding your business needs 24/7.

Creative Director +
Chief Snuggle Hound

This business pup will work like a dog until the project is finished, and dropping the ball is not in his vocabulary. The result? Earnings are through the woof. 

What We do


  • Napping

  • Doggie paddle

  • Snacking

  • Sniffing


  • Sit

  • Play dead

  • Speak

  • Roll over


  • Anti - mailman security

  • Fetch

  • Frisbee catching

  • Slipper chewing


  • Cat management

  • Tennis ball deconstruction

  • Client outreach

Our Process

Are you a business dog?

We’re looking for exceptional business dogs to join our global team! Apply today by email and submit a professional dogshot. We’ll see if you’re up to snuff.

  1. Would you rather: sniff or lick?
  2. A cat chases a squirrel. Do you chase the cat or the squirrel?
  3. Who’s a good boy?
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The Studio

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Our Clients


Friends of Frank


Rocky is a freelance producer of audible snores, occasionally drifting in and out of the Brooklyn office.


Reina is a Wheaten looking for a meetin’. She works with Fleetwood Fernandez Architects next door to Frank LA.


Rocco is practicing his soul-gazing in our satellite office in Mabank, Texas. He enjoys water sports and thinking outside the yard.


Carlos is the reigning canine soccer champion with a black belt in skunk management. His business philosophy is ‘Work hard, play hard, get the squirrel.’